If you are looking for a stunning sunset tour on a private motor boat, then look no further. The Issys Tours crew works together seamlessly to accommodate your every need, from the moment we greet you at the beach to when we set you safely ashore at the end of your journey. After taking a 15 minute boat drive from the beach, you will see the rock formation that perfectly resembles a monkey’s head. Eyes, ears, nose, hair, mouth, it has it all. This is the perfect place for a photo opportunity, as well as many other beaches we may visit during the afternoon. At Issys Tours, we have a unique vision for our customers: we aim to not only show you the breathtaking views of Costa Rica’s Pacific shoreline but, also to extend the strong sense friendship from our team members to all of our customers. Pick up beachfront – 28” feet motor boat.

sunset tour in papagayo gulf

Half day, from 2:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Bottled drinking water and fresh packaged fruits, captain, crew and life vests.
What to bring?
Light clothing, hats and sunblock. Waterproof camera.

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