Filled with tropical beauty, Playa Junquillal in Costa Rica is a quaint little beach town that is the ideal base for your vacation. The serene beaches and their natural pools, together with the dense tropical vegetation form the context for relaxation and adventure. Playa Junquillal is just west of Santa Cruz and south of Tamarindo, in the province of Guanacaste and its friendly warm people take pride in teaching their ecological blue flag.


Variety of Accommodation

The wide variety of hotels in Playa Junquillal, gives you the option to choose the accommodation that best suits your style and budget. Villas, Eco-lodges vary from modest to luxurious and always put nature first. In addition to standard hotel rooms, villas and cabins are also available in the area. Wherever you choose to stay, the emphasis will be on the relaxation and the extraordinary views available in this tropical paradise.

The Surf

Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced surfer, Costa Rica's North Pacific Coast is your ideal place. If you are new to the sport or you are an advanced surfer, visit Playa Avellana to experience a variety of extraordinary waves. The beach is usually little visited, so it is the perfect and discreet place.

Just south of Playa Avellana is Playa Negra. Enjoy the gray sand beach with its shops and surf shops. This sport is easily accessible and the festive surroundings are a hit with tourists and sun lovers alike.

Heading south of Playa Negra is the legendary surf destination Playa Junquillal. This beach is four kilometers long and never full, where the waves are strong, fast and consistent throughout the year. During high tide it is the best time to surf on this beach. Due to the intensity of surfing, this beach is the best for experienced surfers and tourists, not for swimming.

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Surfing is not the only activity in Playa Junquillal. The area offers relaxing holiday activities for every interest and need. Ride mountain bikes and go sightseeing or enjoy a horse ride. The sea makes it possible to kayak, dive and take a sport fishing tour on the high seas.

Abundant Tourism

The sunsets are stunning in this part of Costa Rica and are best enjoyed while on a nice walk along the beach. The tropical environment that has remained largely undeveloped is full of picturesque beauty, with exotic birds, butterflies, monkeys and turtles that live nearby. Even though the area is largely desolate and quiet, there are great variety of opportunities to see people from their place on the beach or pass while sitting in a cafeteria.

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Excursion of a Day

Be sure to leave some free time on your vacation to take a day trip to visit the inspiring Las Baulas National Marine Park in Tamarindo, Guanacaste. Founded in 1990, this park is home to the largest marine turtle nesting in the world. Threatened turtles return every year to spawn at Playa Grande, one of the four beaches located in the park. Two mangrove estuaries call the home park and the Estero de Tamarindo has the status of being the largest mangrove estuary in America.

The whole Family

With its wide variety of activities and a relaxed atmosphere, Playa Junquillal is the ideal place for a vacation with the whole family. Children will find more than enough activities to satisfy their interests, and adults who want to relax will find a peaceful environment with stunning scenery. Playa Junquillal has the perfect combination of fun, relaxation and warm hospitality of the locals to make great memories during your vacation.

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