The Hotel Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort in Costa Rica is considered one of the most visited hotels in Guanacaste. Let's start by explaining the meaning of "Diria", according to the local historians, Diria was the name of The Cacique (also known as political chief) that fought against the Spanish invasion around XIV century leaded by Cristobal Colon. Later in the XVI century, the Spanish and Portuguese colonist introduced in America Central the Tamarindo tree, this long living tree with green leaves all year long, got well adapted and grows well in full of sun at the coastline of Guanacaste, yummy fruit to make fresh juice. Later at some point, this beach changed its name to Tamarindo Beach, an iconic and famous beach among the Guanacaste's beaches, mostly for its white sand beach, perfect waves for surfing and magnificent sunsets.

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The Hotel Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort features direct access to the Tamarindo Beach and its white sands, beachfront view accommodations, four swimming pools, one whirlpool and one pool for kids, six different restaurants, five bars, the Petit Casino, souvenir shops, surf lessons and, also golfers have access to two nearby world-class courses situated in Tamarindo. Fitness center and a conference room for your personal events. The rooms of this hotel have been meticulously located, you can choose from the Sunset Village, Lagoon Village, Tropicana Village and Grand Boulevard great for morning walks.

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This pristine beach resort attracts a wide range of travelers due to the wide variety of things to do in and around Tamarindo. Besides the beachfront access, this hotel is conveniently located to enjoy the Costa Rica’s rain forest, national parks and volcanoes. Throughout the past years, Costa Rica Issys Tours and Transfers has been the #1 transportation provider to and from the Tamarindo beach and, the main attractions of Costa Rica including the Liberia International Airport (LIR).

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All our clients have been benefited from our well stablished door-to-door private services. To ensure that you will be picked up at the Liberia Airport on-time, the Issys Tour’s staff is constantly monitoring the flight status and arrivals at Liberia Airport, in addition, our designated drivers will be waiting outside of the main door of the airport for your pick up 20 minutes before the flight lands and, if there are any unforeseen delay that might delay your arrival at Liberia Airport, our staff at the office will constantly maintaining a conversation with the driver who will be assisting you in order to coordinate all the needed changes. Book with confidence.

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