Immersed next to Playa Flamingo in the quiet town of Potrero, Playa Potrero is calm and serene. This beach is located north of the Pacific coast of Guanacaste, surrounded by rocky hills, tropical vegetation and great diversity of wildlife. Visitors come in search of its turquoise waters and white sand beaches that surround the area. This beach community is ideal for watching amazing sunsets. For people who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and modern life will find in Playa Potrero the perfect destination.

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Sport Fishing

Being a community famous for its sport fishing, Playa Potrero gets its reputation as well-known fishermen who come to these waters all the time. After all, the region is known as the fishing capital. In many categories of sport fishing, this area has all the prizes for the largest dams, so it is not surprising that sport fishing is the number one activity in the area. Travelers have the option to opt for half-day or full-day sport fishing tour.Buceox

There are several diving spots located right on the shores of Potrero, including the area known as Las Catalinas. These islets were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions and over time have become the perfect place to observe the marine life of the place. Divers can find stingrays, whale sharks, blackfin sharks, humpback whales depending on the season.

Horseback Riding

Being a cattle region, Playa Potrero is full of equestrian activities led by experienced riders. Whether you want to ride gently by the seashore at low tide or cross the mountains in the area, horseback riding is an extraordinary way to get to know the terrain and its surroundings. These types of trips are ideal for both beginners and experts, and there are several companies that offer these trips in Potrero and in neighboring cities.

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Perfect Weather

The weather in Playa Potrero is very close to perfection, as temperatures remain above 80 or 90F throughout the day. This region also receives less rain than other parts of Costa Rica, and its dry season runs from November to April. During this time, the nights are colder as north winds come after the sunsets are over. The "green" or rainy season goes from May to October, but most rainfall occurs especially in October.If you are looking for a quiet getaway, Playa Potrero is an excellent place to get your feet in the sand and admire the landscapes. Whether you come to this region of Costa Rica or just this step, share your experiences with friends and family so that future vacationers do not miss this wonderful place during your vacation.

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