For travelers who come to Costa Rica in search of the true experience, the city of San Juanillo is one that has been providing just that and more to travelers from every place in the world for decades. The city itself is relatively small, which makes it a cultural experience that is pure and traditional of everyday life for whoever is a "Tico".

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San Juanillo is located in the extreme west of Costa Rica along the Pacific Ocean, and nearby cities include Marbella to the north, as well as Ostional, Nosara and Garza, to the south. For those who want to get to this picturesque city as soon as possible, there is a regional airport located in Nosara that can be accessed from the capital of the nation of San Juan.

In terms of places of interest, it should not be boring nor should you spend your time sitting around doing nothing when you visit San Juanillo - unless that is what a traveler wants, as San Juanillo is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle. Bustle of society and relax in a place where time seems to move slowly.

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If wildlife is what you find exciting, you can spend months in San Juanillo and never see the same thing twice. Tours are available locally that visitors will take a boat to see for themselves the wonderful Ostional Refuge with turtles, which is located a short distance to the south. Guests can also find great surf just up and down the coast of San Juanillo, as well as some of the most impressive monuments such as snorkeling anywhere in the world.

Of course, if the city and the relaxed life of Costa Rica is all you want to take advantage of, you will be able to spend your days, in a hammock, drinking cocktails and on the beaches that dot the landscape of San Juanillo. It's as simple as choosing one of the high-end resorts where you stay and decide about your daily routine ...

You do not have to decide on what kind of food you would like to enjoy in San Juanillo, because the options are many and without number. For example, if it is a juicy steak you prefer it with a bit of Argentine style, where Carlos is known for its high quality food and reasonable prices, which is a topic that will soon come to discover when you visit this enchanted city.

All you need to do is choose your dates and formulate an idea of ​​what you want to do. From there, San Juanillo will be ready to show the time of his life in an exotic place to be sure he will never forget.

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